Is the problem Deforestation or the lack of Afforestation?

If one is to take a tour of a part of Manicaland Province and see the vast, dense, thick forests there and then listen to the news in regards to the levels of deforestation everywhere else. You will be left to wonder. Which brought out the question that has been the driving force of my thoughts, The challenge we have as Zimbabweans is it that of increased Deforestation or the lack of Afforestation? This is because if the consumption of trees per year is estimated to be 60million trees and yet the planting/replenishing rate is as low as 10million, this sounds the horn of a crisis looming. A Chinese says, “We do not inherit the earth from our fathers but we borrow it from our children”. This means whatever action we do here today has a deterministic effect on the future generations.

The reason for the destruction of forests can be attributed to the following:

  • Demand for wood fuel for cooking;
  • Land clearance for farming activities;
  • Wood fuel for curing tobacco;
  • The continuous demand of furniture e.g. coffins.

I would like to know how its like in your country in terms of how people are being mobilized to grow trees.


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