Liquified Petroleum Gas production’s global leaders.

Natural gas plays a major role in the energy profile of the Western World, Middle East and mostly the United States where it accounts for almost a quarter of total energy consumption. Industrial users and electric utilities together account for approximately half of the market; commercial and residential users combined are approximately 40%. Since the enactment of the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, the industry has changed from one that is almost totally regulated to one that operates largely as a free market.


The global production/mining of Natural Gas has 5 top producers in the world, namely:

USA Natural gas: top producer, 24.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas a year;

Russia’s just behind with 23.69 trillion cubic feet;

Canada is at 5.74 trillion cubic feet;

China is 3.63 trillion cubic feet;

Then the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, well-known for its oil supplies, not so much for natural gas stands at 3.42 trillion cubic feet.

Recent natural gas production through fracking has put the USA in the number one spot but with a compromised net export because of the growing domestic use.Image

This data came from the Energy Information Administration, the EIA website, under the category of marketed natural gas.



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