Crude Oil and the Transport Sector

Going through the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, he said a phenomenal thing of how he has made money with his investments in oil. He says the cost of oil has always been going especially with the rise in demand. That’s where one needs to invest, because your money is never depreciating. Then I took an interest in this field of Crude Oil and the future of oil reserves.


Well i’am sure a lot of people simply think that taking your car for a regular check-up is all it takes for you to be efficient. Same as households or companies, they assume having an energy audit solves their energy crises. Unfortunately it goes way beyond that. In the next 2months or so I will be taking you on a journey about Oil and the Transport sector. What are the most used Primary Fuels, Global consumption trends, energy contents, efficient use of the fuel and the future of oil? I will be using fuel on this blog and I know a lot of people use all kinds of names across the world, my American friends call it gas…not to be confused with natural gas, in Italy gasoline is called Benzina and in other countries, diesel fuel has a root word that sounds like you’re talking about gasoline

As we all know transport sector is quite very broad and encompasses road, rail, cargo and air to name a few. In the Aviation industry NASA has challenged the aviation industry to come up with a new concept for a next generation airplane, and preliminary results indicate the next generation of air travelers will get to ride in something that looks far more sleek and modern than the current crop of planes. More importantly, the ride will be more sustainable, too. The challenge calls for significant advances in not one but three key areas all at the same time: fuel consumption, air pollution, and noise. The new concepts were submitted by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman under a set of research grants totaling $11 million and more on that to follow on a fuel efficient 787 Dreamliner and 747-8, whilst American Airlines upped its sustainability profile with an order of 460 new fuel efficient jets.

What is the prospect of a better fuel economy, how as the general public can we participate to make it a reality? says if you live in a town or city unlike my own with decent public transportation, leave your car home and use the bus or train. Even if you use public transit just once or twice a week, you’ll save wear and tear on your car, you won’t be shelling out for all that gas, and you won’t have to dodge cell-phone addicted rush-hour commuters. Plus you get to people watch – an underappreciated activity. Still not enough reasons for you? Consider this fact: Actress Debra Winger met her husband on the subway. I rest my case.

But before I go today I will live you with one tip for the weekend to save on your fuel. Getting into the highest gear you can, at the lowest possible speed, will save you plenty of fuel. Why? Because you use less gas when the engine is turning slowly. The slower the engine turns, the fewer the number of explosions in the cylinders. And fewer explosions means less gas consumed. So, if you drive a manual transmission car, shift sooner. As long as the engine doesn’t buck, shudder, or ping, you’re fine. You’ll sacrifice the ability to accelerate quickly – but you can always downshift if you need to accelerate.


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2 thoughts on “Crude Oil and the Transport Sector

  1. Great stuff Mr Collins. Keep it up. Your articles are so informative and interesting. Please do continue to educate us on these fuels issues.

    Keep shining, u’re a star*****

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