Cows (Rumens) produce 30% of all ozone depleting Methane Gas. Now they get backpacks!!

It has been researched that cows through their digestive process produce 30% of all methane gas that finds its way into the atmosphere and subsequently destroys the environment.

cowbackpacksSo they made backpacks for the animals and stop all the gases from getting into the atmosphere.

Looking to address the fact that methane released into the atmosphere is damaging to the environment, each backpack is designed to collect 1,200 liters of various gases emitted by an individual cow each day. The pack is then taken to a lab to separate the 250 to 300 liters of methane contained inside. The gas can then be compressed and stored in containers, ready for use to power a fridge or even a car.

Perhaps what’s most surprising about this admittedly ridiculous looking innovation is that it is, in fact, a solution to a very real problem.


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