Looking for Contributors on DRE

REN2i is looking for people who would be interested in contributing to its next edition of its widely consulted Renewables Global Status Report (GSR).  We are specifically looking for contributors for the Distributed Renewable Energy section of the GSR.

For those of who who might not know, the GSR provides up-to-date information on the RE markets, policies and investment. Click here to find lots of information including a new GSRmicrosite and  short video (2 minutes) to learn all about what made 2015 an outstanding year for renewables.

Please let us know if you are interested in contributing to the 2017 GSR by completing the Expression of Interest Formhttp://bit.ly/1WBXYoU.

We are collecting information including but not limited to distributed renewable energy markets, energy access, electrification rates, DRE technologies and programmes, policy developments, and relevant investment trends.

Please do not hesitate to contact us: gsr@ren21.net in case of any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the 2017 team!


Environmental Course Training in SA.

Call for Bursary Applications: Accredited Environmental Educators Course
Applications for bursaries for two USAID-funded WESSA Environmental Educators Courses are now open. This short skills programme in environmental education focuses on approaches to environmental teaching and learning. The course is recommended for environmental education practitioners, educators, environmental managers/ scientists/ health officers, community development workers, skills development facilitators, and any individuals from the public, private, governmental, and non-governmental sectors who are engaged in climate change education.
WESSA will be running two Environmental Educators Courses in 2016, with dates and locations as follows:
11- 15 July, 2016: Johannesburg, South Africa
12- 16 September, 2016: Cape Town, South Africa
Applications to attend these courses are now open, with bursaries available that include full course fees, accommodation, and meals. Participants from outside South Africa are eligible for full bursaries that also include travel.
Deadline: 20 June, 2016.
Further information: contact charissa@wessa.co.za

Innovation? Define it.

1. In the long run a company cannot survive on doing the same things better and cheaper.

2. Most managers are like dogs. They bark at what they don’t know.

3. Managers say yes to innovation only if doing nothing is a bigger risk.

4. Continuous innovation is bullshit. You only innovate when you have to.

5. Organizations frustrate innovative employees.

6. Starting innovation is like a child starting to walk. Learn to love the struggle!

7. If there’s no urgency innovation is considered as playtime.

8. Most people only innovate when they have to. Pick the right moment.

9. Innovators need the patience of a hunter to wait for a shot that you’re sure you can make.

10. Never start innovation with an idea. You will fall in love with it. But love is blind.

11. A big idea is a new simple solution for a relevant problem or dream.

12. The best innovators are need seekers.

13. The problem of brainstorms is the inability of people to let go of the old ideas.

14. If you don’t get new insights you won’t get new ideas.

15. For most companies evolutionary ideas are quite revolutionary.

16. You can invent on your own, but in an organization you can never innovate alone!

17. Think outside the box and present your idea inside the box otherwise nothing will happen.

18. Innovators should bring back new business not new ideas.

19. Nobody buys innovation from a clown so bring back a new business case.

20. The voice of the customer is your best support for a new concept.

21. Innovators should stop writing plans. Innovation is learning by doing.

22. Innovation does not stop at the first “No”. That’s the moment it really starts.

23. Less creative ideas are better because they have a higher chance of becoming reality.

24. An organization is just like a herd. Focus on the slowest animals. When they start running too your organization really gets innovative.

So here were 24 of my essential insights about innovation. I hope some of them are helpful to you. As I promised 25 insights please do me a favor and share with us, as a comment, your own essential insight as professional about innovation as number 25……..

– See more at: http://www.innovationexcellence.com/blog/2014/05/03/25-most-essential-insights-about-innovation/#sthash.NcualEzZ.dpuf